Lab Members

Kari Hoffman

Principal Investigator

Associate Professor

PhD, Neuroscience

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Mitchell Riley

Post-doctoral Fellow

Chrissy Suell

Research Technician

Daicia Allen

Post-doctoral Fellow

Wolf Zinke

Postdoctoral Fellow/Senior Research Scientist

Saman Abbaspoor

PhD student

Hjalmar Turesson

Post-doctoral Fellow

Ahmed Hussin

Omid Talakoub

-2018 Andrea Gomez Palacio Schjetnan

Post-doctoral fellow, currently in the Valiante lab (see collaborators, below) studying single units in humans.

-2017 Rodrigo Montefusco Siegmund

former post-doctoral fellow, now Assistant Professor in Chile

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-2017 Timothy Leonard

PhD student, graduated 2017

Senior Data Scientist, Viacom @NYC

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-2017 Patricia Sayegh

former Research Associate, now proud mama to three beautiful boys

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